About Me

Hello friend, 

Leila Photography (pronounced "Lee-eye-la") officially launched in 2013, named after my almost 93 year old grandma, who filled her home with photo albums, her walls with beloved prints, and my heart with an appreciation for the legacy of an image. 

I do life with my wonderful husband of 18 years, our two ornery, amazing boys, 8 and 12, and a cat named Sheba. We are not-cat-people who now have a cat, but that is a story for another time.  I'm an imperfect Jesus lover, who is super grateful for coffee and grace!

In education for 10 years collectively, I have loved building relationships with children and their families. I became slightly infatuated with pandas, through teaching a group of Pre-K students for 3 years, known as the Pre-K Pandas.  Alliteration may have initially been my goal, but a classroom culture developed around our Panda-identity.  Pandas became a passion as they came to represent our core values of love, kindness, perseverance, and belonging.  

Thanks to you, amazing clients, Leila Photography grew over the past 5 years.  So, in 2017 I resigned from teaching, to serve families through photography, full-time.  (My panda-love didn't stay in the classroom, however.) So, I was very excited when I found an artist who could refine my logo to reflect my desire to continue serving the tiniest population and their families, with that same sense of connectedness and love that filled my classroom.  

Trusting a stranger with your most precious newborn is a big deal. Safety and professionalism are paramount. I would love to hear from you,  allowing you to get to know me, while answering your questions prior to booking. 

Here are some of the courses that I have completed, in addition to being a member of our local HOT Photography guild, Texas PPA and the national PPA:

Baby Safety and Posing for Photographers by Kelly Brown.

Bumps to Babies, Photographing Motherhood by Kelly Brown and Sue Bryce

Newborn Posing by Kelly Brown

Newborns: Props and Posing by Ana Brandt

2017 Newborn Retreat hosted by Milk and Honey

2017 Maternity Retreat hosted by Milk and Honey

2018 Newborn+Maternity Retreat hosted by Milk and Honey

A variety of other photography related workshops and training courses.

I am looking forward to helping you fill your walls with beloved prints, your coffee table with heirloom albums, and your hearts with a sense of wonder at the miracle of your children and family. I can't wait to meet you. 


Copyright Leila Photography 2016

Copyright Leila Photography 2016